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Registration for the Summer 2017 season is in Waitlist
When you register on waitlist, you will not be asked for a payment until we are sure we can add your child to the roster.

  • The program is open for kids grades 1-12 (as of fall 2017).
  • Program cost is $60
  • Deadline for registration is May 5th, 2017.

We will need assistance with practices and Saturday morning matches!!  No tennis or coaching experience required.

Practices and games are held at the Pickerington North or Lakeview school's courts.

Tennis Rackets - a couple points to consider when purchasing a racket....
   - racket should not be too small or light
   - hand should be able to grip racket handle comfortably and with index finger almost touching thumb
   - Wilson & Head are highly recommended brands
   - if this is the first your child is playing then a less expensive racket from Target or Dick's Sporting Goods is perfectly fine
  - if your child is in middle school or older and is 5 foot or more tall, an adult racket might be appropriate

2017 Schedule:
One evening per week practices start the week of May 22nd. (If you need a certain evening please note this in your child's registration.  We will do our best to accomodate all requests.) Practices are held weekdays evenings and generally start around 5 or 6. Thepractice schedule is set by each team's coach, so days will not be known until after teams are formed the week of May 8th.
Weekly matches, on Saturday mornings, will begin on June 10th. We will be skipping the week of July 4th.
The End of Season Tournament will be held on Saturday, August 5th, on Pickerington Central's courts.
Practice the week of July 27th will be 'kids vs. parents' - so parents find a racket or I can supply some and come prepared to be challenged by your kid!! (Subject to change as we continue planning.)

Each child should come to practices with their own racket, wearing shorts  (preferably with front pockets) and tennis shoes and with a supply of water.
Balls for practices and matches will be provided. Each player will receive a t-shirt to wear to team matches on Saturdays.

We need your help for the 2017 Season/  Please email or Call Barb Hathaway at or 412-400-3558 if you can help.

Fall program 2017 - Last fall (2016) we conducted our first fall program.  It was a mini-program which cost only $35 and was a great success.  More info will be posted as we plan for the upcoming 2017 Fall Season.

We no longer have a travel program but if you would like to check into a travel program, please contact Kelli Rings.

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