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Registration for the Summer 2018 season is now open.
If it fills up, you will be directed to a waitlist.  When you register on waitlist, you will not be asked for a payment until we are sure we can add your child to the roster.

  • The program is open for kids grades 1-12 (as of fall 2018). (groups might be combined depending on registration numbers.)
    • Grades 1-3
    • Grades 4-5
    • Grades 6-8
    • Grades 9-12
  • Program cost is $60
  • Deadline for registration is May 1, 2018, but we will accept registrations as space is available.

Tennis Rackets - a couple points to consider when purchasing a racket....
   - racket should not be too small or light
   - hand should be able to grip racket handle comfortably and with index finger almost touching thumb
   - Wilson & Head are highly recommended brands
   - if this is the first your child is playing then a less expensive racket from Target or Dick's Sporting Goods is perfectly fine
  - if your child is in middle school or older and is 5 foot or more tall, an adult racket might be appropriate

2018 Summer Schedule:
Program starts week of May 14th and will run through the end of July for a total of 10 weeks; skipping the week of July 2nd for the holiday.  All players will be placed on a team based on the grade they will be in Fall of 2018 (example - 3rd grade now but 4th grade in the fall, will be on a team in the 4th-5th grade division).  This is a summer program so we are very used to players having to miss a practice and/or match over the 10 weeks - no worries!!

Week of 5/14 and 5/21 will be just a team practice.  Practices run for about an hour.

All registered players are invited to a FREE 1-hour clinic with the tennis professionals at Scarborough East Tennis Center!!!  This is an excellent opportunity for the kids to hit with a tennis 'professional' and to check out a great facility!!

Starting week of 5/28, each team will have their practice and will participate in a Saturday morning match.  Match times will be determined based on number of players and teams.  Start with the 1st-3rd grade teams playing from 8:45am to 9:45am.  The older grades/divisions start at 9:45am or 11:00am or 12:15 and play for an hour and 15 minutes.  Matches held at either Lakeview or North tennis courts.

Each team will practice 1 weekday evening - which day/evening, time and location (North, Lakeview, or Central tennis courts) is up to the team's coach.  There is a box in the registration where you can enter preferences/needs for which evening your child practices - we do our absolute best to accommodate all requests but make no guarantees!

Team practices the week of July 23rd are "Kids vs Parents"!!  This has been a big hit & lots of fun for both parents and kids the last couple of years!!  So parents - pay attention during team practices to pick up some pointers cause your kid is going to be aiming to take you down!! 

Saturday July 28th is the End of the Season Tournament and will be held at Central's tennis courts!!!  The 1st-3rd grade teams will play their usual format.  The older grades/divisions will play a single elimination tournament for each division.  First and second place doubles teams will be awarded trophies.  More information and starting times will be announced closer to the date.

Please consider being a coach or assistant coach for your child's team!!!  Just basic knowledge is needed  - I'll teach you the rest!!
Parents, please consider joining the Tennis Board to help manage, improve and grow the program!!

Each child should come to practices with their own racket, wearing shorts  (preferably with front pockets) and tennis shoes and with a supply of water.
Balls for practices and matches will be provided.

We need your help for the 2018 Season/  Please email or Call Barb Hathaway at or 412-400-3558 if you can help.

2018 Fall Season - look for information for our next fall season later this summer!!!

We no longer have a travel program but if you would like to check into a travel program, please contact Kelli Rings.

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